Russell Crowe: 'We don't need a King, but Charles is a good bloke'

Non-royalist Russell Crowe has defended "good bloke" King Charles.
The 'Gladiator' actor has spoken out in support of the 74-year-old British monarch ahead of his and his 75-year-old wife Queen Camilla's coronation on Saturday (06.05.23), and recalled his "warmth" and for going out of his way to be attentive to his then-pregnant wife Danielle Spencer - who he was divorced from in 2018 - when they met at the 2003 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World' premiere in London.
The Hollywood star - who was born in New Zealand - tweeted: "I met the former Prince Charles at a Royal Premier of Master and Commander in London, 2003. Dani (Spencer) was 6 months pregnant with our first. We did the obligatory conga line of cast introductions.
"Then we sat with him for the film. The man who would be King was kind. He was also funny. Deeply intelligent and good company, and gallant in his deference to Dani's pregnancy. I'll never forget the warmth in our last hand shake. (sic)"
He continued: "Good bloke.
"I don't think any of us can really understand what that life of duty and expectation must feel like. He's taking over the family business."
Although he likes the monarch, the 59-year-old star - who has 16-year-old Tennyson and 19-year-old Charles with his actress ex-spouse - admitted he struggled when it came to addressing the royals by their titles and confessed to calling Princes William and Harry "mate" at the premiere.
He wrote: "In any of my meetings with Royalty, I haven't yet been able to utter the 'your highness'. It simply doesn't come out of my mouth. It's not in my DNA."
And while he has no doubt Charles will do "the very best job" as sovereign, he does not see a need for a king.
He added: "I don't really think we need a King, but I'm sure Charles III will do the very best job he can". "I don't really think we need a King, but I'm sure Charles III will do the very best job he can."