Russia calls meeting with UK ambassador after Lord Cameron says Ukraine 'has right' to strike inside Russia with UK weapons

Russia has warned that Ukrainian strikes on its territory with UK-supplied weapons could bring retaliatory attacks against British military facilities and equipment on Ukrainian soil or elsewhere.

During a trip to Kyiv last week, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said Ukraine "absolutely has the right" to strike back at targets inside Russia using British-supplied weapons.

Russia's foreign ministry said the UK's ambassador to Moscow had been "summoned" to make him "reflect on the inevitable catastrophic consequences of such hostile steps by London".

The UK's Foreign Office, however, contested the claim saying the ambassador had not been "summoned" but he had just taken part in a diplomatic meeting with ministry officials.

British ambassador Nigel Casey was called in for a formal protest, the Russian foreign ministry claimed, as it said Lord Cameron's remarks recognised that Britain - which has given Ukraine billions of pounds worth of weapons to defend itself in the war against Russia - was now de-facto a part of the conflict.

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"Casey was warned that in response to Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory with British weapons, any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and abroad could be targeted," the foreign ministry said.

"The ambassador was called upon to reflect on the inevitable catastrophic consequences of such hostile steps by London and immediately refute the belligerent provocative statements of the head of the Foreign Office in the most decisive and unambiguous way."

A UK Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement: "The British Ambassador was not summoned. He met Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials for a diplomatic meeting.

"The Ambassador reiterated the UK's support for Ukraine in the face of unprovoked Russian aggression, and restated the UK's position on providing support to Ukraine."

During Lord Cameron's visit to Ukraine last week, the foreign secretary reiterated Britain's unwavering support for Ukraine, whose troops have been fighting Russia's invasion since the Kremlin launched its "special military operation" in February 2022.

"Ukraine has that right. Just as Russia is striking inside Ukraine, you can quite understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it's defending itself," Lord Cameron said.