Ruth Wilson reveals Hollywood pressures

Ruth Wilson says Hollywood puts pressure on actresses to have cosmetic procedures.
Although Ruth, 41, has yet to undergo any enhancements, she admitted that she worries not having any treatments could leave her looking older than her peers.
She told The Guardian newspaper: "As an actress, everyone does it. Very few resist. I haven’t done anything – yet. But it’s in my head as like, ‘Well, do you decide not to and therefore potentially look older than your peers? Or do you just give in?’
"I find it so … It’s mad! It’s massive violence.” Why can’t a woman age on screen? Or age, full stop?
"We’re like, ‘Wow’, today. But in 200 years, they’ll be looking back at images of women now going, ‘What were they doing?’ ‘What is that? You’re blowing your face and lips up.’ Yet it’s a multibillion-dollar industry. And women are part of that industry, perpetuating this ‘empowerment’.”
Ruth also explained that she rarely looks at herself in the mirror.
She said: "Well, I do, but briefly. I don’t think it’s because I’m self-conscious or disappointed by it, but more that for some reason I don’t take the face into consideration. Before I leave the house, I look at my outfit, my body, see if it all works but I often forget to check my face and hair. I am not sure what the psychology of that is.”
Meanwhile, the actress revealed that she is in a relationship with a New York based writer and joked that refusing to name him has made people question if he exists.
She said: "He writes novels, TV and film. I don’t say his name. He’s anonymous. People think he doesn’t exist.”