SAG Awards: Cillian Murphy pays tribute to 'Oppenhomies'

Cillian Murphy paid tribute to the "greatest group of actors" he's ever worked with as he was honoured for his work on 'Oppenheimer' at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Saturday (24.02.24).
The 47-year-old actor delivered a heartfelt thank you message to his "Oppenhomies" for making him "brave" and feeling "looked after" as he picked up the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role accolade ahead of Bradley Cooper ('Maestro'), Colman Domingo ('Rustin'), Paul Giamatti ('The Holdovers') and Jeffrey Wright ('American Fiction').
He said: "This is extremely, extremely special to me because it comes from you guys. My Oppenheimer crew, my Oppenheimer family. Just an FYI on that exquisite moniker the Oppenhomies, that was actually invented by Olivia Thirlby, so Olivia I think you should immediately trademark that and start merching the s*** out of it because someone else will.
"They were the greatest group of actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've never felt so looked after or cared for by a group of actors. Every day I'd look at your names on the call sheet and you just made me brave guys, so thank you.
"All the actors nominated alongside me I am bursting with admiration and respect for you all.
"Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, as always, such a debt of gratitude to you.
"To my wife Yvonne and my boys, I adore you."
The 'Peaky Blinders' star went on to admit he felt "extremely like an interloper" when he shifted from 2failed musician" to actor, but he now feels like he belongs.
He said: "28 years ago when I tried to become an actor, I was a failed musician and I felt extremely like an interloper but looking out on you guys today I know I'm part of something truly wonderful, thank you so much."