Salma Hayek Just Opened Up About Her "Enriching" Friendship With Angelina Jolie

"It's just something that flows."

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We love to stan unexpected celebrity friendships, like Anitta and Gisele Bündchen or Salma Hayek and Linda Evangelista (who also co-parent a son). Hayek is apparently Hollywood's bestie, because she has another unlikely industry pal who she said has a very "enriching" impact on her life: Angelina Jolie.

In a new interview from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Hayek was asked what she loves about her friendship with Jolie, to which she replied "Everything."

"She's been very, very enriching in my life, in so many ways — as mothers, you know," she told Entertainment Tonight at the screening of her new project El Sabor de la Navidad (which she is producing). "Most of all, as artists."

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Hayek added that over the years, they have only gotten "closer and closer" and their friendship has been one "that keeps growing."

"It's just natural," she told the outlet. "It's just something that flows."

The two pals worked together in Marvel's 2021 movie The Eternals, as well as Without Blood, which Jolie directed. After filming the latter, Hayek told Deadline that Jolie was the "best director I’ve ever worked with."

"I absolutely loved working with her; enjoyed every second of it," she said. "It’s a tough piece but it was so delicious to come to work every single day. She is a genius and I think this might be her best movie yet. She did an amazing job, really."

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