Sam reveals Connie's final moments

Natasha Lee

Samuel Johnson has revealed the heartbreaking final moments he spent with his sister Connie before she passed away.

Appearing on The Project, Sam said they’d spent “half an hour laughing” before she “fell asleep and never woke up”.

Sam poses with his beloved sister Connie. Source: Facebook

The show’s co-host Carrie Bickmore, who lost her husband to brain cancer, appeared visibly moved by Sam’s devotion to Connie.

Hours earlier the 39-year-old actor farewelled his sister at a “beautiful” funeral service in Canberra, adding that it went exactly as Connie had planned.

Sam appeared to be fighting back tears during his chat on The Project. Source: Network Ten

“Seems weird to apply the word “perfect” to a funeral, but you know, it was perfect,” he said.

He told the show that he not only considers himself the “chief custodian” of Connie’s legacy to fight breast cancer, but also the “head of cancer vanquishment” in the country.

Sam also revealed that Connie simply

“I will accelerate the push for a cute… I’m not going to stop,” he said.

The Gold Logie winner revealed that it is only now, since his sister’s passing, that he is finally able to fully appreciate and understand the lessons she was trying to teach him.

Sam shared this photo to the 'Love Your Sister' Facebook page showing him on a flight to Melbourne following Connie's funeral. Source: Facebook

“She was training her little brother to do her work when she was gone. I’m ready for that,” he said.

In honour of her memory Sam had created a range of socks, ‘Connie cotton socks and Sammy Seal’, which the public can buy to help raise money for cancer research.

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