Sara Bareilles: 'I'm accepting my flaws as I get older!'

Sara Bareilles is finding "freedom" in accepting "flaws" as she gets older.
The Grammy Award-winning star celebrated her 44th birthday earlier this week and has now explained that she is "allowing" herself to unashamedly embrace her imperfections and has found "liberation" in doing so.
She told People: "I'm more impatient than I like to admit. I just have more flaws than I really think I should. And there's something really freeing about just letting yourself be flawed, that if I put down the perfectionism, there is actually more liberation and freedom in that than shame."
The 'Love Song' hitmaker - who is also known for creating and, at one point, starring in the Broadway musical 'Waitress' - went on to add that her new attitude has been a "revelation" for her and that she has found it "fun" to not be the person who tries to constantly have the solution to everything for once.
She said: "And that's been a revelation for me, that there's actually – it's easier and more fun to be not the person who's right all the time and doesn't have all the answers. It's like, ‘I don't know, let's try this. I could be wrong.’ It makes things a little bit more fun and more playful."
The songstress is engaged to actor Joe Tippett, 41, and she has recently moved to New York with him along with their two-year-old dog Louis and explained that having a canine companion with her makes her feel as if she has entered parenthood.
She said: "I'm thinking about a lot of deep questions about identity and what it means to be in a real partnership. And I have this little dog next to me. It's like parenthood. It's like all of the things are really in the foreground, and I think it's really interesting stuff."