Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn't kept hold of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer outfits

Sarah Michelle Gellar regrets not keeping hold of her 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' outfits.
The 46-year-old actress played Buffy Summers on the hit TV show between 1997 and 2003, and Sarah has revealed that she regrets not keeping some clothes from her time on the programme.
The Hollywood star told Us Weekly: "I have a couple of pieces, but we weren’t allowed to keep the wardrobe in those days."
Sarah's 14-year-old daughter Charlotte has recently started to embrace some 'Buffy'-inspired fashion trends.
The actress said: "Isn’t that crazy? When my daughter came back and she’s like, ‘Do you still have any chokers?’ I was like, ‘What?’ Or she’ll come out with the white T-shirt with the dress over it."
Despite this, Sarah has never been someone who keeps hold of her old clothes.
The actress - who also has Rocky, 11, with husband Freddie Prinze Jr - said: "I think growing up in New York City, I grew up in a small apartment, and so we didn’t have room. There was never storage. I never grew up with the idea of holding onto this stuff."
Meanwhile, Sarah recently revealed that she doesn't want her son to watch 'Cruel Intentions'.
The movie star revealed that she's terrified by the thought of her son watching the raunchy film.
Speaking to Us Weekly, Sarah shared: "A year or two ago, my son came home and said, 'Oh, so-and so has a phone and I looked something up. I was shocked. I don't need my fifth grader watching 'Cruel Intentions'."
Sarah is only allowing her son get his first phone this summer and she will still be in control of what he views.
She continued: "My son will be getting his [first] phone in June. I'm appreciative of the security features and take full advantage of them.
"I control [the] websites he can be on, so I can use that as the teaching moment."