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'Saved my vacation': These top-selling water shoes are a refreshing $8 at Amazon

Comfy as a sock, protective as a sneaker — shoppers love them so much, they wear them around the house.

Memorial Day Weekend means summer is pretty much here, and that means it's time to step up your vacation-shoe game. We're not talking about sandals and flip-flops — it's water shoes you need to pack (you do plan on spending some quality time tubing, rafting or just splashing around in the surf, don't you?). Well, now you can score Amazon's top-selling light-as-a-feather water shoes for as low as $8. Over 92,000 five-star shoppers swear by them, so let's dive right in, shall we?

These rubber-soled shoes are made with a quick-drying and breathable, synthetic mesh fabric that provides a comfortable yet secure fit whether you’re on dry land or walking in a lake. We're sure you'll love 'em.

$8 at Amazon

In addition to being extremely affordable, these water shoes are also a breeze to put on and take off. You pull them on like a pair of socks and they have a fit to match. Their smooth design prevents chafing and makes them tres convenient to slip on and off.

They have a grippy rubber sole, which gives traction on slippery surfaces (like rocks and pool patios), helping to prevent accidental falls or spills. Amazon shoppers appreciate this stabilizing feature, but also praise the protective layer it creates between your foot and whatever may be lurking underwater: like sharp rocks and weeds or just a textured pool.

Not just for fresh-water adventures, these will also protect your toes from sand — whether getting some between your toes is just a bothersome sensory experience, or it's mid-day piping hot and standing between you and the ice cream stand.

These water shoes come in 44 colors and women's sizes range from 4 to 13.5 and men's sizes range from 3 to 12.

the water shoes in three colors
Not only are these water shoes comfy, they come in more than 40 gorgeous colors and prints. (Amazon)

With over 92,000 five-star reviews, it's no surprise that these water shoes are a customer favorite, especially given their affordable price. Shoppers seem to love how easy they are to put on and remove and that they work in different types of water environments.

"Love this product!" wrote a loyal fan. "Shoes don’t come off until I take them off. I appreciate the non-slip soles making it easier to get in and out of the water easily and comfortably. They are lightweight and easy to slip in/out of. Very durable and versatile."

"Saved my vacation," revealed another. "I usually hate water shoes for various reasons, but these are perfect. Went on vacation to an island that was all sand. None of the other shoes I brought were appropriate. These saved the day and transitioned from sand to water flawlessly."

Another enthusiastic reviewer said, "These are the best pool shoes! They are light and keep your feet flexible. They are great at the beach too! Hot sand! Ocean creepy things! I buy several pairs (too cute to choose just one) each season. I live at the I have a long swim season — April thru October. So they get a workout!"

Even though these shoes are specifically made for wearing in the water, some Amazon shoppers say they're not just for water sports.

This reviewer had an ingenious use for these shoes: "Perfect for gardening! I was really tired of having wet, dirt-filled shoes every time I gardened. So I wanted something inexpensive and washable...I’m very happy with them so far!"

“I purchased these with the intention of wearing them kayaking ... [but] they've become my favorite house shoe," explained a fan. "I couldn't take them off after trying them on. They were so comfortable and fit so well.”

A few shoppers noted that the insoles come out occasionally, but they're easy to put back in. Some reviewers also didn't like that they had to remove the lining for the shoes to dry completely between uses. All in all, this was a minor setback that most were willing to overlook, especially since these shoes do a great job of completely keeping sand and rocks from getting in.

"The print is vivid and colorful" exclaimed this happy shopper. "The upper is stretchy and accommodates wider sizes. The soles are flexible and really help protect feet when walking on beach terrain." 

$10 at Amazon

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