TikTok goes crazy for new Scrub Daddy product for dusting

When it comes to dusting you'd be forgiven for skipping it every now and then because it's tedious and sneeze-inducing. But this new Scrub Daddy invention might just solve that.

TikTok user Vanesa Amaro, who calls herself the 'Queen of cleaning', posted a video demonstrating how to use the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster and it sparked a storm of responses and has been viewed over 3.5M times.

Vanesa Amaro TikTok scrub daddy duster
Vanesa Amaro showed off how to use the Scrub Daddy duster. Photo: TikTok

"Crazyyy to think it has been sold out twice now because of you," she captioned the clip, having previously shown off the tool to her 4.4M followers.

Scrub Daddy’s products are already considered a cult buy by many so it's not surprising that the Damp Duster has proven equally popular in the US.


Her followers raved about the affordable, reusable and conveniently sized sponge in the comments.

"I need this for my desk at work," one person wrote.

"Just ordered mine," another said.

No word yet on when it will land in Aus but you can order it from the US site in the meantime if you don't want to wait.

scrub daddy damp duster
The Scrub Daddy Damp Duster is going viral. Photo: TikTok

Cleaning enthusiasts were quick to clear Coles shelves when the announcement came in 2020 the supermarket would stock Scrub Daddy.

The original $5 sponge as well as the new Damp Duster are part of a world-famous range that first cropped up on US TV show Shark Tank from inventor Aaron Krause, and promises to replace dozens of cleaning products with just one, simply, reusable sponge.

The supermarket stocks both the original Scrub Daddy and the newer Scrub Mommy, which features a double-sided design with the famous Scrub Daddy FlexTexture on one side, and a super absorbent Soft ResoFoam side which promises to build suds with minimal soap.

The sponge is famous for replacing lots of cleaning products and utensils with just one product. Shaped into a recognisable smiley face, the Spong Daddy’s ‘eyes’ double as an easy grip, and the mouth is recommended for cleaning cutlery, and tricky bits and pieces.

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