The secret trick the MAFS Australia cast use to avoid being filmed

The secret trick the MAFS Australia cast use to avoid being filmed

Married At First Sight Australia is a reality show like no other (it's god tier at this point) and the production team are always there to capture all the juiciest of tea from the married couples. However, it turns out the cast have a few tricks of their own to avoid moments they don't want to be filmed making the final edit, and it's pretty smart.

Season 10 cast member Alyssa Barmonde (she has a child remember?) spoke exclusively to Yahoo! Lifestyle where she revealed the cast can use alcohol as a way to get out of filming.

She explained the cast's alcohol level is heavily monitored throughout the show, and during the dinner party scenes they are only allowed one carafe of red, rosé or white wine.

And if cast appear too drunk or are slurring their words at any point, the production team will allegedly choose not to include this footage in the final edit.

"You saw Sara [Mesa] ask, ‘Can I have a glass of wine?’, because they probably would’ve removed the wine at that point,” she said after a recent episode. “If you're too drunk, they can't use your footage. So if you're slurring your words and you're really messy, they can't use that footage.”

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MAFS Australia’s AlyssaNine

And Alyssa's theory matches up with fellow bride Melinda Willis' comments about alcohol on the show. While appearing Behind The Edit podcast, season 10 bride Melinda revealed she would often pretend to act drunk to avoid having to film.

"You're meant to have like, roughly two glasses, but they really just cut you off when you start not being able to do a voxie which is your chat to camera,” she explained.

“So if you didn't want to do your chat to camera, you would just drink or act drunk and then if you couldn't string your sentences together they’d be like, ‘Thanks so much’. And you know it’s not going to be used because they can’t use it."

Ok, now that is smart, not that we'd expect anything less from Melinda.

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And former MAFS Australia cast member Ollie Skeleton also attested to this theory in May last year, explaining he was barely seen in the final edits of dinner parties, because he was "drunk the whole time."

In a TikTok addressing a fans' questions about why he wasn't in the show more, Ollie said: "A lot of people say ‘Hey, Tahnee and Ollie, you weren’t in the show.’ We actually were, I just didn’t get any screen time cause I was drunk the whole time."

Well, now it makes complete sense why Ollie had such little screen time.

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4

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