Secret Woolworths discount policy stuns customers

The retailer is spreading kindness and you could be next in line to score a freebie.

A NSW woman's recent experience at Woolworths has led to fellow shoppers making a surprising discovery about the retailer's discount policies, and questioning those of supermarket rivals Coles and Aldi.

The customer scored a three-pack of beef rump steaks free of charge after an employee attached a "Team Member Purchase" sticker to the item, a practice previously unknown to the lucky woman.

"When we were at Woolies today, a staff member chased us down and stuck this sticker over the barcode of some steak we had in our trolley," she explained on Facebook, adding that the product was then free at checkout.

Woolworths meat with Team Member Purchase sticker affixed
Woolworths shoppers were excited to find out about the supermarket giant's Team Member Purchase policy. Source: Facebook

The Woolworths employee's gesture left the customer wondering if this was part of a new promotional campaign at the supermarket, or simply a stroke of luck.

How to score freebies at Woolworths

Speaking to Yahoo News, a Woolworths spokesperson revealed the act reflects the retailer's commitment to "bring a little good to customers every day" and confirmed that team members will hand out the stickers from time to time.

"They often pop up on a discretionary basis and will vary across our stores all over the country. We hope the customer enjoyed the gesture, and would be happy to thank the store team on their behalf should we receive the specific store's name," the spokesperson said.

Woolworths supermarket in suburban Melbourne
One Facebook user claimed that her husband, a Woolworths store manager, is allocated an annual budget for such acts of kindness. Source: Getty

'Doing all my shopping at Woolies now'

While the practice came as a shock to many, some customers claimed they'd also been on the receiving end of the gesture. "Woolies randomly gave boxes of food away for Mother's Day with these stickers on," a Facebook user pointed out. "We received a big pork roast, veggies, rolls and apple sauce."

Other shoppers wondered whether team member purchases might also occur at Coles and Aldi, however Yahoo News understands that neither retailer has any such policy in place.

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