WATCH: ‘Selling the OC’ Season 2 Trailer Has Bigger Listings, Fiery Fights — and an Aspiring Agent (Exclusive)

‘Selling the OC’ returns for its second season on Sept. 8 on Netflix

The agents at the Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office are back and better than ever.

In the first trailer for season 2 of Selling the OC, premiering exclusively with PEOPLE, the cast members' dynamic gets shaken up when a new agent joins the team and Jason Oppenheim and Brett Openheim reveal the firm’s largest listing yet.

“Real estate in Orange County is better than it's ever been,” Alex Hall says, opening the preview for the show’s sophomore season. Hall’s castmates confirm her assertion with a montage of agents ringing the firm’s bell to celebrate a successful sale. “I’ve hit the 100 million dollar sales milestone,” Gio Helou says of his own success in the O.C.’s thriving market.

<p>Netflix</p> The Oppenheim Group holds a meeting in the Orange County office.


The Oppenheim Group holds a meeting in the Orange County office.

Brett and Jason make their first appearance in the trailer to announce the team’s biggest opportunity yet. “In Cabo San Lucas, we have our first billion dollar listing,” Jason tells the team.

There's no need to worry for fans who love the opulence of the O.C. This season’s preview shows the agents touring multiple properties worth tens of millions – when they’re not partying on a yacht, of course.

<p>Netflix</p> One of the homes in the new season of 'Selling the OC.'


One of the homes in the new season of 'Selling the OC.'

While the houses are stunning, nothing catches the eye quite like the drama between these sellers. “People are thinking that we’re messy as a brokerage,” Brandi Marshall warns her fellow agents. “Everybody in O.C.’s talking about it.”

As drama brews between different agents across the firm, a brand new cast member, Alexandra Harper, appears. “She’ll ruffle a few feathers,” says Polly Brindle of her new coworker, while Helou says, “she’s pretty, charismatic, but overrated.”

<p>Netflix</p> Alexandra Harper meets some of the Oppenheim Group agents.


Alexandra Harper meets some of the Oppenheim Group agents.

Austin Victoria says that Harper is “Jarvis 2.0” before the clip cuts to the two women cheersing “to taking over the O.C.”

Accusations fly in the final seconds of the clip as the stars try to balance taking on giant listings with the ever-present egos and fierce competition. “It’s time for it to go down,” Marshall tells her fellow realtors as things come to a boiling point.

The Selling Sunset spin-off announced the release date of its second season back in August.

<p>Netflix</p> Brandi Marshall and Alex Hall face-off.


Brandi Marshall and Alex Hall face-off.

The show’s synopsis says that “reputations, romances and relationships are on the line” for the  group. “These young and hungry agents will risk everything while navigating a hot real estate market and even hotter rumors.”

Jason and Brett are returning for the eight-episode season, along with agents Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland. Alexandra Harper is also joining the cast for the new season.

<p>Netflix</p> Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim


Brett Oppenheim and Jason Oppenheim

The show first premiered in August 2022, produced by Lionsgate Television. It was renewed for a second and third season back in January.

Season two of Selling the O.C. drops Sept. 8 on Netflix.

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