Seth Meyers tells Biden to ‘let it rip’ and call Trump a ‘sick f***’ in public

Seth Meyers pleads with Joe Biden to “let it rip” after reports of the president calling Donald Trump a “sick f***” behind closed doors.

As if the election campaigns could not get any more bizarre, from Donald Trump two-timing his campaign journey with his plethora of court cases to Nikki Haley’s drop-out refusal, reports now say that Joe Biden has had some choice words to say about Mr Trump.

Much to the Late Night host’s delight, Mr Meyers revelled in the claims that Mr Biden calls Mr Trump a “sick f***” who delights in seeing other people’s misfortunes to his longtime friends and close aides, according to Politico, who cited three unidentified people who have heard him say this.

The Politico report also added that Mr Biden recently called Mr Trump a “f****** ass****,” according to one of the people who spoke to the president.

While Mr Biden’s alleged uncouth comments have been spoken about in private, Mr Meyers asked the president if he could “let it rip” in public.

He said that profane language would be “political Kryptonite” in the past, “but so were 91 felony charges”, the host added.

“We live in different times. So I say let it rip, Joe. Just start dropping F-bombs on the campaign trail,” Mr Meyers said.

“You’re from Scranton; you can get away with it,” he added.

Seth Meyers revelled in the fact that Fox News had to admit Biden has done a good job (Late Night with Seth Meyers)
Seth Meyers revelled in the fact that Fox News had to admit Biden has done a good job (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Mr Biden’s apparent comments have reportedly made their way into a Trump fundraising email.

“He doesn’t just think that about me, he thinks that about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my proud supporters,” Mr Trump wrote in the email, according to The New York Post.

However, this isn’t the only aspect of Mr Biden that the former president is trying to capitalise off.

Mr Meyers called Mr Trump a “shameless liar” after he boasted to Fox News that he is the one to thank for the recent statistics of Biden’s booming economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday that the US economy under Biden has created 353,000 jobs and that unemployment is at a steady 3.7 per cent, much to the astonishment of critics of the Biden administration.

Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo recently asked Trump about the soaring economy, saying, “The Biden team can say, ‘well if everything is so bad, how come the stock market’s on a roll?’”

Without skipping a beat, Mr Trump replied, “Because they think I’m gonna be elected.”

Looking shocked and bewildered at Mr Trump’s claim, Ms Bartiromo, a Trump supporter herself, said, “You think the stock market’s rallying because people think you’re going to be...” before she was cut off by Mr Trump, who answered, “I do, yeah.”

“Look at her face,” Mr Meyers said, showing a still of Ms Bartiromo’s shocked expression.

“She’s having a moment of existential panic where it finally dawns on her the guy she’s interviewing is a pathological liar who’s detached from reality,” he added.

He also rolled a clip of Fox host and former Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow reacting to the job numbers, which he admitted were “very strong”.

“How mad do you think Trump was when he saw that?” Mr Meyers said. “His aides are probably still trying to scrub the ketchup stains off his TV.”