Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell thinks old men are the most 'randy people she has ever met

Candace Bushnell thinks old men are the most “randy” people she has ever met.
The 65-year-old author - who divorced ballet dancer Charles Askegard in 2012 after a decade of marriage in what she called a "terrible split" – claimed that men in their 70s try to do “sneaky things” to women and always want to get them into bed.
She told The Sunday Times: “They are very randy! They’re the ones that do all kinds of sneaky things. To figure out where you live, they’ll pick you up, it sounds all very gentlemanly, but then they’re in control. And they want to have sex. I’ve heard this from so many women: ‘I thought I’d give the 75-year-old guy a chance, and all he wants to do is have sex.’”
Candace revealed that she is on celebrity dating app Raya but admitted that she is still close friends with her ex-partner Jim Coleman, and thinks that they work better in a platonic sense.
She added: “He’s absolutely wonderful, and we talk every day, we text. We just realised that being great friends maybe worked a little bit better than a romantic relationship. That’s just the way it is.”
Meanwhile, the best-selling writer is best known for her New York Times column ‘Sex and the City’ which became the basis for the hit TV series starring Sarah Jessica Parker and streaming giant Netflix recently secured the rights for all six seasons.
But, she admitted that the move won’t “financially affect” her in any great way because she thinks the way men tend to do business in that field is like a form of fraud.
She said: “Of these men who are in charge of things, they just keep moving these cards around to make money because every time they move the cards around somebody’s skimming. The way men do business is a Ponzi scheme.”