'It's a shame!' Zayn Malik's mother speaks out on his split from Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik's mother Trisha thinks it it is "a shame" that things didn't work out between him and Gigi Hadid.
The former One Direction star, 30, dated Gigi, 28, on and off from 2015 until 2020, and has two-year-old daughter Khai with her but his mother Trisha has now revealed that she only visited his hometown once during their time together and while she found it "strange" to have a supermodel in her home, admitted she was a "great girl" and found her to be very "down-to-earth."
Trisha told MailOnline: "Gigi only came to Bradford once to visit us when she was with Zayn and the whole thing was kept very quiet. 'It felt a bit strange having a supermodel in the house but she's very down to earth. 'She's a great girl, I'm still very fond of her and it's a pity that things didn't work out for them but that's life'."
Trisha went on to insist that her son - who split from Gigi after an alleged altercation with her mother Yolanda - is now "focused on being a good dad" and that he is not looking to embark on a new relationship any time soon because being fatherhood is what gives him the "most pleasure" in life alongside his music work.
She said: "Zayn's energies are focused on being a good dad to Khai and his work and that's not going to change any time soon. He's a wonderful father, very caring and loving and devotes a lot of time to his daughter. It's what gives him the most pleasure in life. 'He's a good-looking lad and a lot of women are interested in him but none of that interests him at the moment. He's not even in the dating game. It's all about Khai and then his work.'