Shane Gillis Admits He Was Fired From ‘SNL’ During Monologue: “I Probably Shouldn’t Be Up Here, Honestly”

Shane Gillis took his turn as Saturday Night Live host and wasted no time acknowledging he was fired from the NBC late-night sketch show.

Gillis was fired from the show days after he was announced as a new cast member for Season 45 following resurfaced clips of him using anti-Asian slurs.

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“Most of you probably have no idea who I am,” Gillis said in his monologue tonight. “I was fired from this show a while ago. Don’t look that up. If you don’t know who I am, please don’t Google that. It’s fine, don’t even worry about it.”

Gillis continued, “I probably shouldn’t be up here, honestly. I should be home, I should be a high school football coach.”

The comedian joked about his “biological clock is ticking” on his dream of stand-up. Gillis compared this to when a “woman’s biological clock is ticking,” and they see a child that reminds them they should start a family. In his case, he sees teenagers and sees their potential in coaching them in football.

Gillis continued to make jokes relating to his family, saying that he “was gay for my mom,” recalling how he used to have a close relationship with his mother as a kid up until “the first time I whacked off.” He then went on to joke about his family members with Down syndrome.

“Look, I don’t have any material that can be on TV,” Gillis acknowledged about his humor. “Also, this place is extremely well-lit. I can see everyone not enjoying it. This is the most nervous I’ve ever been.”

Watch the monologue in the video above.

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