Shania Twain has 'a lot of' emotional and physical scars

Shania Twain has "a lot of" emotional and physical scars"
The 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!' hitmaker has been through a lot in her almost six decades on the planet.
Speaking to Elizabeth Day on the 'How to Fail' podcast, she said: "I have a lot of scars.
"I have a lot of scars from cooking. I have a lot of scars from working in the bush with sharp tools. I have a lot of emotional scars. ... I've been through a challenging childhood and then my open throat surgery. Over time, I have realised that all of those experiences have really made me who I am today and I wear them well."
And when life gets tough, she channels her pain into words.
She shared: "I'll document my feelings, I'll put things down, they're very raw, they're very real, they're very in the moment, and I live them. I like to live through my suffering."
Some of the notes will turn into lyrics, but she likes to change them to be more upbeat.
She explained: "They're now reflections of what I've been through.
"But they are on the other side. They are the healed experience with a scar."
The 'You're Still the One' hitmaker admits she can be comfortable in her own skin one day and not the next.
She said: "I've been someone that has been coming into my comfort my whole life. I think it's just a process. I live it every day."
Shania also admitted she used to be too timid to show off her body in revealing outfits for years.
She insisted: "Now, I'm perfectly fine.
"But it's been a process for me. The 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!' video was the very first time I'd ever performed with legs at all."