Sharon Stone vows to 'fall in love this year'

Sharon Stone wants to "fall in love this year".
The 65-year-old 'Basic Instinct' star has been single for some time but she's declared 2024 will be the year she finds Mr Right because she's determined to get into a healthy relationship following a number of disastrous online dates which included a man who turned out to be a convicted felon and another who was a heroin addict.
Sharon told The Times newspaper: "This is the year that I want to fall in love - 100 per cent ... I'd be absolutely ecstatic to be in a relationship."
The actress went on to admit dabbling with dating apps has been a bit of a disaster, adding: "I didn't want to just go on Tinder and [sleep with] somebody ... It's so easy [to sleep with somebody. You don't have to do on Tinder, you go to ... Coffee Bean. It's not hard ... You go to the supermarket if you just want to have sex, but if you want to have a connection ... "
She also opened up about her disastrous date with the man who turned out to have a drug addiction, revealing she met him at a swanky hotel in Bel-Air but quickly excused herself and went home.
Sharon said of the experience: "[He was] a heroin addict who's clearly 20,000 injections later than the picture he sent me."
The actress explained she uses her real name on dating apps, but she ran into trouble when using Bumble because administrators blocked her account thinking it must have been a fake Sharon Stone.
She went on to insist she doesn't have a list of requirements for a potential new partner, adding: "I don't look for anything. I've never looked for anything. Because I don't think that's what happens ... You don't look for a list and your list arrives. That's what people do who don't have relationships."