Shaun Weiss 'sorry’ for selling Judd Apatow’s laptop for drug money

Shaun Weiss is "sorry" for selling Judd Apatow's laptop to fund his drug habit.
The 44-year-old actor - who shot to fame as a child in 'The Mighty Ducks' series but later became a homeless addict - has now been sober for three years and explained that 'Knocked Up' star Judd, 54, was trying to get him to go onto "better things" but the pair have not spoken since Shaun sold his expensive laptop for $60.
Shaun said: "I went to rehab … Judd Apatow put me in a rehab place. He got me a job writing jokes for the Oscars… he just gave me all these gigs, grooming me for better things. It was basically alcohol that did this. We basically had a conversation one time and I was saying ridiculous things to him and I was raising my voice. And he just said, ‘If you don’t stop now, how you’re acting, I’m not going to help you.’ He basically warned me, ‘Stop now, don’t proceed any further,’ and I did not stop. I got even worse… [saying] ‘I don’t ever want to talk to you again,’ which was ridiculous.
"It was a PowerBook, but like, decked the f*** out. It was probably like a $5,000 laptop at the time. One you can’t even really buy. That was hard, that loss. Now I was crossing the line … when you take your f****** laptop and pawn that s***. you’re not a writer anymore. I never tried to contact him at all since that moment."
Shaun went on to wonder whether Judd knows that he is "sorry" for what he did but then questioned whether it would do "any good" even if he did know.
Speaking on the 'Dopey' podcast, he said: "Do you think he knows that I’m sorry for what I did? I feel like he knows that I’m sorry and I feel like what good does it do me to … I feel like that’s a mess that I f****** made.”