Shawn Johnson Addresses a 'Lot of Questions' After Showing Kids Flying in Plane Co-Piloted by Husband

Shawn Johnson East addressed several concerns after showing her two kids riding in a small aircraft that was co-piloted by her husband, Andrew East, on a family trip to Disney

Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Shawn Johnson East and son Jett
Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Shawn Johnson East and son Jett

Shawn Johnson East is being safe on a special adventure with her kids.

On Thursday, the retired Olympic gymnast, 31, shared photos and video on her Instagram Story of son Jett James, 19 months, and daughter Drew Hazel, 2½, flying in an aircraft that was being co-piloted by her retired NFL player husband, Andrew East.

"Disney here we come! Daddy is flying!!!!!" the gold medal winner captioned the first photo, where she holds her sleeping toddler on her lap.

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In the next photo, Jett is awake and wears a headset, with the caption, "Listening to dada in the headset."

The next few photos show Jett looking out the window while Drew sits content with her tablet in front of her, also wearing headphones.

Panning between her kids and her husband in the cockpit, she wrote, "So proud of you @andrewdeast, you've worked really hard for this and you are a very good pilot :)."

Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Andrew East and co-pilot
Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Andrew East and co-pilot

In a later post, Johnson East said that several people who viewed her Story had "some questions" about the family's decision to fly together in a small aircraft co-piloted by East.

"A lot of questions about this. No I'm not nervous. I trust Andrew and he takes it very seriously."

She went on to explain "our family rule," which is "if kids are onboard or both of us (both parents), even though Andrew CAN fly us solo we always have a second pilot to be extra cautious."

Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Shawn Johnson East and son Jett
Shawn Johnson East/Instagram Shawn Johnson East and son Jett

Recently speaking with PEOPLE about joining the Blippiverse for the May 13 episode, the mom of two said she scored some major points with her kids for bringing them on set to meet the characters from the popular series.

"They worship the ground Blippi walks on," Johnson East told PEOPLE. "And when they got to come on set and meet Blippi and Meekah — our daughter has still not stopped talking about it. She thinks Blippi is her best friend and honestly, there are the kindest humans ever."

This summer, the family will enjoy adventuring together on a Greek island cruise.

"We're taking a really big family trip. We're taking our kids, my parents, my husband's mom and her best friend," she told PEOPLE. "We're going to try to adventure this summer. We've been saving up for it and we're very excited to make memories together."

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