Shay Mitchell: I doubt my parenting skills

Shay Mitchell is constantly questioning her own parenting skills.

The 32-year-old actress - who has a four-month-old daughter called Atlas with her boyfriend Matte Babel - has confessed to being her own harshest critic in regards to how she's raising her child.

Asked whether she's hard on herself as a mother, Shay replied: "Every single day.

"It's a constant reminder to myself that I'm doing the best that I can, everything is great and that she looks at me like I'm Superwoman.

"Every single day there's something new, where you're like, 'Am I doing this right? Could I have done this better? Is it fine if I leave her for this long?'

"You have no idea, and I'm always thinking about how something could impact her as she gets older."

Despite this, Shay feels fortunate that she and her boyfriend are surrounded by such a strong support network.

The actress also stressed the importance of "reassurance" for first-time mothers.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star told 'In The Know': "Having that really close-knit group of friends and people in my community to be able to fall back on and have a conversation with around whatever I'm thinking about makes it so much better and so much easier to be like, 'I'm not the only person feeling this way.'

"That's all it is. It's all about reassurance."

What's more, Shay revealed that having a child has made her even more appreciative of her own mother, and the sacrifices she made.

The TV star - who played the role of Emily Fields in 'Pretty Little Liars' - said: "Every single day I call my mother and I'm like, 'I'm sorry!' Absolutely.

"Moms out there in general, no matter if you have a huge team or no team at all ... it's difficult."