‘Benedict, Martin – please come back’: Sherlock creator pleads for lead actors to return

‘Benedict, Martin – please come back’: Sherlock creator pleads for lead actors to return

Sherlock creator Steven Moffat has said its lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the reason why the hit show cannot be revived.

The writer and showrunner created the crime mystery series in 2010, based on the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Cumberbatch starred as the eponymous super-detective, while Freeman portrayed Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes’s war veteran partner in mystery-solving.

Although the series only ran for 13 episodes across four seasons, it received critical acclaim and garnered several award nominations and wins, including acting Emmys for both Cumberbatch and Freeman, and a writing Emmy for Moffat.

Speaking to Metro about the show’s potential return, Moffat said: “As I’ve said before, I’ll do it tomorrow. I mean, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 60 novels.

“It’s not a format that will wear out. Sherlock Holmes will never wear out. I’d love to do it again. I would absolutely love to again.”

Moffat went on to explain that the “problem” impeding Sherlock’s revival lay not with him, but with the show’s stars.

Stars are the ‘problem’ stopping show’s return says ‘Sherlock’ creator (Metro/Getty Images)
Stars are the ‘problem’ stopping show’s return says ‘Sherlock’ creator (Metro/Getty Images)

“I’m easy to get, but you need to get the two big stars,” Moffat said, alluding to Cumberbatch and Freeman. “That’s the problem.”

Although Moffat did not expand on why he believed the actors would be difficult to recruit for a reboot, Cumberbatch and Freeman have clashed in the past with regards to Sherlock.

In 2018, Freeman has said that shooting the series was “not fun anymore” due to the expectations of fans and critics. “It’s not a thing to be enjoyed,” he said at the time. “It’s a thing of, ‘You better f***ing do this, otherwise, you’re a c***.’ That’s not fun anymore.”

Cumberbatch hit back at his co-star’s comments, calling them “pathetic”.

“It’s pretty pathetic if that’s all it takes to let you not want to take a grip of your reality,” the actor said. “What, because of expectations? I don’t know. I don’t necessarily agree with that.”

 (BBC/Hartswood Films)
(BBC/Hartswood Films)

Last year, in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Moffat reiterated his keeness to revive his hit show.

“Look, I’ll start writing Sherlock tomorrow if Benedict and Martin will show up, frankly,” he told presenter Nick Robinson at the time.

The years since Sherlock aired have seen both actors achieve Hollywood success as part of Marvel properties, including Doctor Strange and Black Panther, as well as other films.

Moffat continued: “Sadly they’ve moved on to bigger and better things and left us behind, crying. But Benedict, Martin – please come back?”

Other Sherlock alumni to have commented on the possibility of future episodes include Andrew Scott. In 2017, the actor, who plays Moriaty, said there probably wouldn’t be more episodes for a long time.