Shocking moment woman allegedly attacked while jogging in broad daylight

The victim said she recorded the disturbing 19 second clip to send to family, but later felt compelled to share it with the public.

Breanna pictured in shock in the Adelaide park (left) and in a pretty dress (right).
The 24-year-old is still recovering from the alleged assault. Source: TikTok

A young Aussie woman has shared the emotional moments after she was the victim of an alleged random attack while she was out jogging in broad daylight this week, warning other women "to be careful and to be aware of your surroundings".

Breanna Coats, 24, was running through Huntfield Heights in Adelaide with her Apple Airpods in when she was suddenly approached by two teenage girls.

"I kind of moved to my left so they could walk by me," she recalled to Yahoo News. "But they came in my face, so I stopped my music and asked if they were okay."

She says the teens then asked her if she had a vape before allegedly lashing out and physically grabbing her by the arm and pulling her hair.

"They shoved me onto the ground and she [one of the teens] was repeatedly kicking me in the head," Breanna said. Eventually a nearby car driving past stopped to help and the girls ran away, she said.

In the moments after the alleged attack, the young woman filmed herself in what she described as a state of complete shock.

Breanna looking scared and flustered after the attack
Breanna initially sent the 19 second clip to family and friends. Source: TikTok

"I'm shaking ... I just got attacked. What the f**k," she says into the camera in the 19 second clip, revealing a large contusion under her right eye.

Speaking to Yahoo, she said she recorded the short video and sent it to family members and only decided to post in online hours later as a sort of PSA to others in the area, as well as women across the country.

"I've had a lot of people ask why I was filming," she said. "I was just so in shock I actually didn't feel anything, and I didn't know if there was any damage ... I pulled out my phone camera to see and then started to record it." She shared it on TikTok some eight hours later, in part, to "raise awareness" and because she believed there was other victims like her, she added.

It comes as violence against women, and the government's response, has been at the forefront of national debate.

"It sounds really sexist but usually I do keep an eye out for men and stuff like that," Breanna told Yahoo. "I wouldn't have imagined two young girls being capable of something like this."

South Australia Police confirmed that on Thursday a 13-year-old girl was arrested in relation to the incident and released on bail while on Friday a 16-year-old girl was arrested for aggravated assault and also charged with two other outstanding matters of aggravated assault and shop theft.

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