Shocking twist after teen charged with cheerleader’s murder

The mother of a 14-year-old boy charged with the murder of a 13-year-old cheerleader has been arrested in relation to the death.

Tristyn Bailey, 13, was found dead last month a day after she was reported missing by her family.

She was last seen at the Durbin Amenity Centre in St Johns County in the US state of Florida before her body was discovered fully-clothed in woodland near Durbin Crossing by a man who was searching for her.

Tristyn Bailey is pictured in her cheerleading uniform.
Tristyn Bailey was allegedly stabbed more than 100 times. Source: Instagram

Her classmate, Aiden Fucci, was charged over her death after she was allegedly stabbed more than 100 times.

Aiden's case has been transferred from juvenile to adult court after a grand jury indicted him on a first-degree murder charge, according to court records. He faces a possible life sentence.

Police said on Sunday (local time) Aiden's mother Crystal Smith had now been arrested for tampering with evidence.

In an arrest report obtained by FOX13 Tampa, Smith was seen on video surveillance allegedly going to Aiden's bedroom and retrieving a pair of blue jeans before taking them to an adjacent bathroom.

The report says she appeared to scrub them in the bathroom sink before taking them to the master bedroom.

The arrest report says the video later shows her inspecting the jeans with a witness before she allegedly returned them to her son's bedroom.

Mugshots of Aiden Fucci and his mother, Crystal Smith.
Aiden Fucci and his mother, Crystal Smith. Source: St Johns County Sheriff's Office

Teen Aiden Fucci pleads not guilty in Tristyn Bailey stabbing

Aiden's jeans later tested positive for blood and traces of blood were also found in a sink drain.

Evidence tampering is a third-degree felony in Florida.

“Tampering with evidence is tampering with justice and cannot be excused or tolerated,” State Attorney RJ Larizza said.

Aiden has pleaded not guilty to Tristyn's slaying and is being held without bail. The knife believed to have been used in the killing was found in a pond near the crime scene.

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