Man fatally shot engine factory coworker in feud over woman, police say

MORAINE, Ohio (AP) — A feud over a woman led a man to fatally shoot a coworker and then shoot himself in the head at a General Motors engine factory in Ohio, police said Friday.

A third employee was wounded at the DMAX plant Thursday night, possibly by a stray bullet as the man fired more than 12 rounds from a handgun, Moraine Police Sgt. Andrew Parish said during a news conference.

"This was a feud between the two men, apparently over a female," Parish said.

The woman in question also works at the plant, but it wasn't clear if she was there at the time. She wasn't injured, Parish said.

Jeffrey James Allen III, 28, of Dayton, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooter was alert and conscious when officers found him outside the factory, Parish said. He underwent surgery at a hospital and was listed in critical but stable condition.

No charges have been filed so far, but the investigation is ongoing. Police have not released the shooter's identity.

The third employee was being treated for injuries that were not considered life-threatening. His name has not been released, but his girlfriend told The Dayton Daily News that he was standing near the men when gunshots rang out and he was struck in the foot.

“(He's) just in pain and traumatized, because he actually saw the dude shoot the other dude,” Candace Champ was quoted as saying. “He thought it was over. He thought he was about to lose his life.”

Two other people reported injuries unrelated to the shooting, according to Parish. They apparently were hurt as dozens of workers fled the building, but further details were not disclosed.

“I’m shook up,” said Brian Smith, who has worked at the factory for about 10 years. He told WHIO-TV that he got scared and ran after hearing “at least 10 to 12” shots.

Officers and firefighters responded just after 9 p.m. to a 911 report of an active shooter. Parish said multiple magazines were recovered with live ammunition. It was not yet clear if the shooter reloaded, he said, noting that some semiautomatic handguns can hold at least 12 rounds.

Authorities searched the suspect's home Thursday night, but Parish said he didn't know what evidence — if any — was recovered.

The DMAX plant in Moraine provides diesel engines for pickup trucks, according to the General Motors website. It's a 60/40 joint venture between GM and Isuzu Motors that employs more than 800 workers and has built engines in Moraine since 1999.

Production at the plant was suspended until further notice, according to Pat Morrissey, GM’s vice president for corporate communications.

In a statement, factory director Paul Tanis expressed deep sadness and condolences to everyone affected and said the company is working with local authorities on the investigation.