Shoppers “Immediately” Saw Less Shedding From Amazon’s No. 1 New Hair Growth Oil That’s Just $17

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It’s a game changer for brows and lashes, too.

If you’ve dealt with hair loss in the past, you’ve probably experienced clumps of hair falling out any time you shampoo or run a brush through your strands. I’ve certainly had my fair share of jarring hair balls in the drain, and I still struggle with excessive shedding most days. That’s why I constantly have an eye on Amazon’s newest hair loss treatments, and the just-launched Visoza rosemary hair oil has already earned a spot in my cart.

Discounted to $17 with an on-site coupon, the oil is currently the number one newly released hair regrowth treatment on Amazon, and more than 1,000 people have purchased the product in the past month alone, per the retailer. These stats are no surprise, given that the treatment is made from 100 percent natural rosemary oil, which is believed to increase circulation in the scalp and, in turn, promote new growth, according to a study that compared it to hair growth medication minoxidil. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick previously told InStyle that “rosemary oil can also work to reduce hair damage and breakage by coating the hair shaft with oil, making the hair appear stronger, softer, and smoother.”





The brand recommends massaging a few drops of the oil directly onto your scalp nightly, or mixing it in with your shampoo whenever you wash your hair. And since the package comes with a spoolie and a small brush, in addition to a standard dropper, you can apply the product on your eyebrows and at the base of your eyelashes to stimulate growth in those areas, too. Just note: Rosemary oil is strong and can irritate sensitive skin, so be sure to consult your dermatologist or patch test before using it.

While the Visoza rosemary oil has only been available for a short period of time, shoppers are already giving it rave reviews. One person “noticed less shedding immediately” when they began using the product. A second reviewer, whose thinning hair “resembled straw,” started applying five drops of oil at night and one in their shampoo and noticed “softer” locks with much less fallout. Another shopper said their “hair grew out after just two weeks of use,” while a fourth reviewer with alopecia has “seen hair growth on [their] sides and a noticeable thickness in [their] hair.”

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Shoppers are also impressed with the results they’re seeing in other areas. One reviewer said their “brows are thicker and darker after only four weeks,” while another person “applies it to [their] lashes” and has “seen growth there, too.” A third shopper confirmed they also use it on their “eyebrows and lashes” with “no irritation at all.”

Whether you’re dealing with hair loss on your head, or you’re hoping for your best brows and lashes ever this fall, it’s worth giving the Visoza rosemary hair oil a try.

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