Shoppers Over 50 Say Their Hair Grows “Much Faster” Due to This Serum — and It’s 57% Off at Amazon

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The now-$25 formula also caused a "noticeable" decrease in shedding.

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My roommate recently cut her hair into a very short bob, and since then, it’s become clear that the long hairs clogging up the shower drain are coming from my head (queue “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift). The realization that you’re shedding more than normal can be alarming, as the cause is typically hard to pin down. Along with unexpectedly common factors like stress, temperature changes, and tight ponytails, “hair loss can be caused by stress, hormonal changes, childbirth, thyroid issues, medications, vitamin deficiencies, excessive weight loss, and some autoimmune disorders,” trichologist Gretchen Friese previously explained to InStyle.

If hair loss is becoming a concern, your dermatologist’s office should be your very first stop. However, while waiting for an appointment, a topical solution formulated to improve scalp health can make a difference, especially one that’s been vouched for by fellow shoppers. The Lanmeri Vegan Hair Growth Serum, for instance, boats hundreds of fans and is packed with ingredients that slow shedding and even promote new growth. Caffeine, for example, increases blood circulation to the scalp, providing follicles with more nutrients needed to grow. Meanwhile, it also treats dandruff (one cause of shedding) with its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Finally, glycerin gives strands a boost of moisture, strengthening them against breakage.

The (almost) best part? You can grab the Lanmeri serum on sale for just $25 at Amazon right now.



Shop now: $25 (Originally $58);

The actual best part shoppers report seeing results within weeks. “There has been a significant reduction in my hair loss,” wrote one initially skeptical reviewer who used the serum every day for only three weeks. Another user dealing with long-term shedding agreed that it only took “22 days” for them to see new hair growth in the thinning areas of their scalp. “Granted, they are all grays coming in, but I’ll take it” they exclaimed. A third shopper who started losing hair at age 50 saw a “noticeable decrease” in shedding and “much faster” hair growth after four weeks, and even noted needing to get their roots touched up more frequently.

The irritation caused by thinning hair is no joke. After all, our hair is a permanent accessory that for many of us, holds emotional weight. Whether you’re actively seeking an end to excess shedding or want to take measures to prevent hair loss, products like this can help. Shop the Lanmeri Vegan Hair Growth Serum while it’s still 57 percent off at Amazon.

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