Shoppers Say These Under-Eye Patches “Soften” Fine Lines in 15 Minutes — and They’re Less Than $1 Apiece

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They’ll leave your skin looking “plump and refreshed.”

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Amazon / InStyle

If you’ve ever woken up with puffy, tired-looking eyes, you probably thought to yourself: I wish there was a quick way to make me look more awake. Well, according to hundreds of Amazon shoppers, the Enaskin Naturals under-eye gel patches are that fast-acting solution. The patches “soften” fine lines in “just 15 minutes,” according to a reviewer, and they’re on sale for 52 percent off.

The under-eye gels are packed with nourishing and effective ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen to hydrate the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, sodium hyaluronate to moisturize and even out texture, and retinol to tighten the skin and fade hyperpigmentation. Each package comes with 30 pairs of patches, which comes out to less than $1 per set.



Shop now: $13 (Originally $27);

To use the patches, simply press them onto the skin below your eyes, lay back, and leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes. Once you remove them, massage the remaining serum into your skin to make sure you’re getting all those beneficial ingredients into your pores. The brand recommends using the patches two to three times a week to see the best results.

Dozens of shoppers have given the Enaskin under-eye patches a five-star rating, and many of those people shared their positive experiences with the product. A 41-year-old shopper said the patches have made a “wonderful difference in the skin” around their eyes, since it’s “more hydrated and supple, and the fine lines are less noticeable.” Another reviewer agreed, saying the patches leave their skin feeling “plump and refreshed.”

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Many shoppers mentioned how these specific patches compare to other ones they’ve tried in the past. A reviewer said the Enaskin treatments are “super easy” to apply and “non-irritating,” unlike different patches they’ve tried, while a second person said they “don't slide around or fall off like some other masks.” Plus, another reviewer wrote that these are the first patches to “fight off the bags and dark circles” under their eyes.

If these glowing reviews have convinced you to try out the Enaskin Naturals under-eye gel patches for yourself, be sure to grab them now while they're on sale for 52 percent off at Amazon. 

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