‘The show must go on’: Miley Cyrus says her house burnt down while filming Black Mirror episode

‘The show must go on’: Miley Cyrus says her house burnt down while filming Black Mirror episode

Miley Cyrus has revealed the difficult circumstances during which she filmed a major part of her Black Mirror episode.

The singer and actor starred in a 2019 episode of the satirical anthology series titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”.

She played a popstar named Ashley O in the season five chapter, whose image inspired AI dolls owned by her fans. As the episode continues, the audience learns that Ashley O is being controlled by her manager aunt Catherine (Susan Pourfar) and gets sedated without her consent.

As part of her “Used to Be Young” video series, the 30-year-old “Flowers” singer looked back on the creation of the episode. While the filming took place in South Africa, her home in Malibu, California was being ravaged by the 2018 Woolsey fire that destroyed several buildings in the area.

In the clip, Cyrus admitted to the events playing a part in anxious moments later in her life.

“Like probably two or three years later, after this happened, I didn't understand, but I would have this anxiety attack with a vision attached – that I would be strapped down to a gurney. So I would have these dreams any time I would go to perform,” Cyrus said.

“I thought that was just an anxious vision that made no sense, but actually, as my house was burning down, I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs, strapped to a bed.”

Later in the clip, Cyrus showed a music video, in which she performs her character Ashley O’s song “On a Roll”.

Though the song and accompanying video were considered a highlight of Cyrus’s time on the programme, the former Hannah Montana star revealed that the creation of the video came amid tough news: she filmed it directly after learning that her home had perished in the fires.

“I found out that my house had burnt to the ground. This was the next day,” she said, pressing play on the music video. “The show must go on.”

Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror, season 5 (Getty / Netflix)
Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror, season 5 (Getty / Netflix)

Cyrus shared her home with her then-partner Liam Hemsworth. At the time, she shared her upset about the fires with fans on Twitter but noted she considered herself “one of the lucky ones”.

“My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely and that’s all that matters right now,” Cyrus wrote.

“My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family and friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left.

“Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA county Sheriff’s department!”