Singer launches bid for Wales to compete at Eurovision

A singer has launched a bid for Wales to compete at Eurovision in its own right.

Welsh record label Coco & Cwtsh and one of its artists are imagining what it would be like for Wales to be part of the annual song contest.

They've released a new track 'Anfonaf Angel' (I Send An Angel) to show what could be possible.

It's a reworked version of Robat Arwyn and Hywel Gwynfryn's song.

Sara Davies won this year's Can I Gymru (A Song For Wales), a competition which airs annually on S4C.

She said launching the campaign was "incredibly exciting".

"As this year's Can I Gymru winner, it's natural for me to wonder what if we could take things further and compete on such an international stage," Ms Davies said.

"It really doesn't make much sense to me that we're not. It's a privilege to be part of a campaign that shows what we could look and sound like up there, that will hopefully drive the idea forward and get people talking about it up and down the country."

The music video features four costume changes, backing dancers, glitter cannons and a key change.

The artist said "it doesn't get more Eurovision than this".

'Having a voice'

Wales has previously competed at Junior Eurovision in 2018 and 2019, but was able to do so as the BBC had not put forward a UK entry in those years.

Coco & Cwtsh's chief executive, Ffion Gruffudd, said she could see this type of song representing Wales at Eurovision.

"The song is an example of the wealth of songwriting and production talent we have here in Wales," she said.

"Coco & Cwtsh strongly believe that we as a nation have something special to offer this wonderful competition and that we shouldn't be restricted from having a voice on this important stage because of broadcasting technicalities."

The record label hopes to establish an annual contest to choose a Welsh Eurovision entry, with songs in both English and Welsh going head to head.

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A Eurovision spokesperson said there were "no plans" to change the current arrangement.

"As the British EBU Member that takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the BBC represents the whole of the United Kingdom in the competition."

This year's Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Malmo, Sweden, on 11 May and sees Olly Alexander represent the UK.