Sinitta uses fake age on dating app

Sinitta is using a fake age on a dating app.
The 59-year-old pop star - who is best known for her 1980s hits 'So Macho' and 'Toy Boy' - has reactivated her profile on Hinge but has reportedly taken five years off her profile age after signing up as she claims to be 54.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "Sinitta also says she’s a London-based artist with liberal views. Well, it appears she also has a liberal view of her age because it also says she’s five years younger than she actually is! She sang about a Toy Boy before so maybe this time she thinks chopping back the years will help her bag a date with one!"
The 'Cross My Broken Heart' songstress who has adoptive children Magdalena and Zac with ex-husband Andy Willner - has been single since 2009 and admitted
that she is now looking for a partner who has a "good sense of humour" and joked that good looks don't last forever except in the case of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' star Brad Pitt, who she dated briefly in the 1990s.
She said: "[I want] kindness, a good sense of humour, warmth, intelligence. Looks don't last forever... unless you're Brad Pitt!"
Towards the end of last year, Sinitta - who also had an on-off romance with Simon Cowell in the 1980s - decided to sign up for reality show 'Celebs Go Dating' after getting "freaked out" by dating apps and wanted to feel "completely safe" on a blind date.
She said: " I've been on dating apps, and while I'm quite happy messaging people initially, as soon as they suggest meeting up, I get a bit freaked out and stop talking to them. I've never started any of my relationships without being friends with a person first. The agency was great because it gave me the opportunity to have a blind date where I felt completely safe."