Sir Elton John's next album 'won't be his last', songwriting partner says

An album of "incredibly personal" new songs from Sir Elton John won't be the singer's last, according to his long-term songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. 

"It's a pretty amazing project, very tells a lot of stories and it's incredibly personal, but it's certainly not final."

Few details are known about what fans can expect from Sir Elton's new music, but the legendary lyricist says he thinks it will be released before Christmas.

"It's all done, it's all in the can and ready to come out, I think, at the end of this year," Taupin told Sky News.

While Sir Elton, 77, announced his retirement from touring last year, bowing out with a performance on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, Taupin says they have no plans to stop making music together.

"You always think 'is the next album going to be the last?' but, I think, both Elton and I, we just have this creative drive and we have this ultimate total love for music on every different level."

Taupin, who's lived in California since the 70s, has been back in England after being invited to speak at The Other Songs Live, an evening celebrating songwriters old and new.

"Anything that nurtures talent, you know, gets my ear," Taupin insists.

He remains one of the most successful lyricists in the world, having collaborated for more than half a century with Sir Elton, selling more than 300 million records globally, and together writing more than 30 albums.

And while Taupin's lyrics are firmly embedded in modern pop culture, he says he struggles to explain what his secret is.

"It's very difficult for me because, in a nutshell, my answer is I don't know, I just do it."

But one thing he's certain of is that it's a skill a computer just can't replicate.

"I loathe and detest the whole idea of AI... from a creative musical standpoint, it cannot write songs as well as the human heart can because it's got no heart.

"I've seen the product of AI, you know, when they've said write a song in the style of so-and-so and it's complete shit."

For Taupin, one-half of one of the world's most successful songwriting partnerships, he's not ready to be written off by technology.