Sir Lenny Henry's mind blown by The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power budget

Sir Lenny Henry says working on the big budget 'The Rings of Power' was "spectacular".
The 64-year-old actor and comedian plays Harfoot elder Sadoc Burrows in Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' prequel series, and he was blown away by how much money the streaming company threw at the production, with even the limo driver having his own driver allegedly.
The British funnyman told Ireland's Woman's Way magazine: "I went backwards and forwards to New Zealand for filming.
"The experience was spectacular.
"Imagine doing a job where money is no object.
"Even the limo driver had a limo driver."
While it was a luxury to not be constrained by a budget, the comedian also learned a lot from his time on-set.
He added: "It was a wonderful learning experience."
Meanwhile, Lenny was unveiled as Blob on TV's 'The Masked Singer' last year, in what he described as a serious "career arc".
He said after he was unmasked: "It's a huge career arc. I've been in lockdown since March so when they called to say come and do this, I was like, 'Yes ok! I'm coming!'
"So to be here with people and them be so lovely. To look at the panel and to see you guys, it's been a joy to be here. Thank you for letting me here."
And Lenny was flattered when panellist Alan Carr guessed he could be Morgan Freeman.
He added: "Thank you Alan for being so generous with the Morgan Freeman guess. I think when I discovered you could turn around [in the costume], it was a breakthrough for me."