Sir Rod Stewart compares Vladimir Putin to Hitler: ‘It’s time to stop this guy!’

Sir Rod Stewart has compared Vladimir Putin’s bombardment of Ukraine to Adolf Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland that triggered World War Two.
The ‘Maggie May’ rocker, 78, who has been wearing a blue-and-yellow suit as a nod to the Ukrainian flag at his latest gigs and been housing a family of refugees from the war-torn nation since last autumn, said about the Russian president: “It is time to stop this guy”.
He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal about helping with the fallout from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which started on 24 February last year: “When the war broke out, me and my two nephews had four trucks filled up with, paper products, towels, water, food, all the stuff you need.
“They drove from where I live in England, all the way up to the border, dropped all the stuff off. Then they brought about a thousand refugees from the border to Berlin.
“Then I really got involved, I rented a house around where I live and I’ve got a whole family living there. I pay their expenses. I’m just waiting for the Ukrainian offensive to stop this guy, we can’t let him win. It’s 1939, all over again.”
As well as supporting the family of refugees, Sir Rod has provided jobs for two other refugees on his estate in Essex, and might build another house so he can take in a second family.
He also told the Las Vegas newspaper about keeping healthy as he plays a residency at Sin City’s The Colosseum: “I love to perform, and have always kept myself fit because I’ve always played soccer.
“I work out three times a week to train, and I’ve been doing that over the last 35 years.
“I don’t smoke, I have a drink now and then, but otherwise I work the muscles in my legs.
“My dad said, ‘Keep your legs strong, all your life, and you’ll always be mobile.’ That’s been very important.”