Sir Rod Stewart: Labour deserves a crack and Boris is a ‘lying public schoolboy’

Labour “deserve a crack” at running the country, long-time Tory voter Sir Rod Stewart has said.

The Maggie May hitmaker also branded former prime minister Boris Johnson a “lying f****** public schoolboy” – despite having admitted that he was still a fan only last year, even after Partygate.

In an interview with the Times, Sir Rod appeared to cement his recent swing in political support by saying Sir Keir Starmer “should be given a shot” at government.

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Sir Rod took aim at former prime minister Boris Johnson (Victoria Jones/PA)

He said: “Keir Starmer and Labour deserve a crack at it. If there was anyone else we could vote for, maybe, but they should be given a shot. I live here (in the UK) now. I didn’t used to.

“And I see what the Conservatives get up to. Well, I liked Boris Johnson. He was a good figurehead, but he turned out to be a lying f****** public schoolboy. He got found out and things haven’t been much better since.

“How many prime ministers have we had that haven’t been voted for? What’s all that about?”

A spokesman for Mr Johnson declined to comment.

Sir Rod first aired his disillusionment with the Tories last year, when he told Sky News he felt the Government should “stand down” and expressed sympathy with nurses amid long-running NHS strikes.

“This is heartbreaking for the nurses – it really is heartbreaking,” he said.

The Conservative Party has been contacted for comment.