‘My size K boobs have ruined my life’

Kristine Tarbert

An Aussie mum is desperately raising funds to have a breast reduction for her size K breasts that have ‘ruined her life’.

Sheridan Larkman, 23, has struggled with the size of her bust since she was just eight years old, but has been on a waitlist for a Medicare funded reduction since she was 16.

The mum-of-two from Victoria is now a size 12K and has to specially order bras to be able to support her breasts.

“To get a reduction would change my whole life, it will improve my health and I can live without the constant pain and struggle,” Sheridan tells Be.

Aussie mum says her size K boobs have 'ruined her life'. Photo: Supplied

By the age of 10 Sheridan’s boobs were a DD, in high school she was an F-cup and by 16 she was wearing HH bras. At 18 she fell pregnant and her boobs grew again, and didn’t reduce in size after she had her children.

Sheridan has to specially order bras from the UK. Photo: Supplied

“I thought they would eventually stop growing but they just continued to grow and didn't shrink at all after pregnancy,” she tells us.

“I've struggled my whole life with the size of my breasts and how they impact on daily activities and hobbies.”

She has been on a waitlist for a reduction since she was 16. Photo: Channel Seven

Faced with people staring at her in the streets, and shouting rude comments, Sheridan says her size K bust has ‘ruined her life’.

She says clothes shopping is a nightmare with the size 12 mum mostly buying size 18 tops. And she is only 5’4 and the constant strain on her back has led to multiple health problems.

Sheridan hopes to raise funds for a private reduction. Photo: Supplied

The mum has now set up a Gofundme page to help fund a private reduction.

“My breasts are draining my health I have mild scoliosis, constant back and shoulder and I am so tired of dressing to try and cover everything so I don't get crude comments,” Sheridan wrote.

“Please help me so I can enjoy life more actively with my children and hobbies without restriction.”

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