Sledgehammer used to break up a years-old McDonald's cheeseburger

An Aussie man has found an unexpected piece of recent history hidden away in a spare wheel at his work.

An Aussie man was shocked at the condition of a years-old McDonald's burger he found in the spare wheel of a car this week.

In the bizarre footage shared on TikTok, the man showed what, at first glance, looks to be an edible McDonald's cheeseburger he found on Wednesday at work, but it turns out to be years old — and frozen in time.

The cheeseburger, which he estimates to be one to three years old, had become so rock-hard that he used a sledgehammer to try and break it up.

Two photos from the TikTok next to each other. The photo on the left shows a sledgehammer hitting the cheeseburger. The photo on the right shows the whole cheeseburger next to a tire.
A man shared a video on TikTok of an old cheeseburger so hard that he used a sledgehammer to break it. Source: Supplied

No sign of decomposition

Not only was the burger as hard as stone, it was "without one bit of mould on it... it wasn't even eaten by ants", the caption reads.

When asked previously why their food does not decompose the way food is expected to, McDonald's released a statement advising, "in order to decompose, you need certain conditions — specifically moisture. Without sufficient moisture — either in the food itself or the environment — bacteria and mould may not grow and therefore, decomposition is unlikely".

People online were unsurprised by Macca's find

The footage of this burger on TikTok brought about hundreds of responses from intrigued viewers, with most users sharing their disgust, yet lack of surprise.

One person could not hide their disgust, "So fake even mould and bacteria can't digest it".

Many others shared the same sentiment saying the burger being in such an untouched condition "shows how many preservatives are in it".

Shockingly, some responders were more accepting of the burger appeared, telling the man he could "put it in the microwave" to soften it.

Maccas burger found 24 years after purchase

A McDonald's burger staying in pristine condition over a long period time is not a new occurrence. In 2020, a video on TikTok went viral, showing a grandmother who had stored a McDonald's meal for a whopping 24 years.

In the video, she reveals an old hamburger that looks "completely intact". She goes on to tell explain “the bread has never moulded [and] the meat has never rotted".

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