SNL’s Pimp My Ride ‘Revival’ Features Original Host Xzibit — Watch Cut-for-Time Sketch

The comedy group Please Don’t Destroy is helping a 30 Rock janitor in need by pimping his ride… into the most rickety and volatile vehicle ever.

In a cut-for-time sketch from Saturday’s Jacob Elordi-hosted edition of Saturday Night Live, Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy revive the classic series Pimp My Ride in order to help Elordi’s janitor get to and from the workplace. But instead of souping up the broken down car with practical upgrades, the trio turn it into a fully customized “Trash Wagon.” The front bumper is transformed into a series of Swiffer WetJets, but that’s not even the weirdest add. Noting Sergei’s love for borscht, the guys install a crock pot that rises from the center console! (Yay?)

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And no Pimp My Ride parody would be complete without a cameo from the show’s original host, Xzibit, who gives the PDD guys one pretty dire warning: “Whatever you do, do not drive that f–king car!”

Elsewhere in Saturday’s episode, Rachel McAdams crashed Elordi’s class on how to make it in Hollywood, while Alaska Airlines announced some very important upgrades to its planes. The show also announced the host and musical guest for its Jan. 27 installment.

So can Sergei even drive his car now? Watch the Please Don’t Destroy sketch by pressing PLAY above and find out for yourself! Then, grade the episode and drop some comments below with your thoughts.

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