'SNL' Totally Roasted The People Fighting Over Stanley Tumblers At Target & Starbucks

saturday night live season 49
Stanley Mania Just Became A 'SNL' SketchNBC - Getty Images

With half of the country trampling over one another to get their hands on the latest Stanley Quencher, and the other half wondering why said people are trampling over one another for a cup, it was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live took a jab at Stanley mania.

Over the weekend, the sketch comedy show took the opportunity to do just that with help from guest host Dakota Johnson during their Big Dumb Cups sketch. The over four minute-long sketch merciless took aim at the Stanley craze with one-liners like "It's the cup that says 'My favorite rapper, that's Kesha.'"

"Are you like us? A pretty lady who drives a big car. Are you between 12 and 70, and go to Target every damn day? Are you physically or at least spiritually blonde...That's why now we're all about them big damn cups," the sketch began.

From there, the sketch continued to mock Stanley culture, but also spared a jab or two for Trader Joe's and Josh Cellars wines.

At one point, the sketch even made fun of the recent conspiracies about Stanley cups being contaminated with lead.

"You can really taste the bacteria," said one of the women after taking a sip from her cup. Another quickly added, "I'm getting lead."

Not even last year's story about a woman whose Stanley survived a blazing car fire was safe.

"If your car explodes you won't survive, but your big dumb cup will," one of the Stanley-toting women declared.

Who knew Stanley mania would make its way from Target to our TVs? Certainly not us.

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