Social Media Users Detail Their Favorite Hack When Ordering Pizza from Costco's Food Court

Reddit users are enhancing Costco's pizza with one simple ingredient

Social media users are enhancing Costco's pizza with one simple ingredient.

On Reddit, a discussion website, members of the warehouse club detailed their go-to hack to make Costco's pizza even better — topping it with chopped white onions.

According to one user, named Dapper_Reputation_16 on the site, Costco shoppers must ask for the onions while placing an order. “In our clubs one must request them at the counter, they come in small plastic cups with lids," they said.

Other users highlighted that bringing the pizza and onions side home to reheat at a later time is also another hack they enjoy.

“Well I put the costco chopped onions on it, then put it in the toaster oven for a bit, with some cayenne. And I find it quite tasty," one user said, as another wrote: "Air fry a slice for a few minutes, 10 times better.”

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Costco previously discontinued the chopped white onions but brought them back due to high demand earlier this year.

The ordeal began in late April, when Reddit users began to post that the vegetable condiment would be returning.

“The onions are returning soon to the PNW and hopefully to all costcos soon,” the Reddit user wrote, sharing an image of a flier with a notice about the food topping.

“Condiment Update: Diced Onions Returning,” the flier also read.

Costco later confirmed that the rumors surronding the chopped white onions were true, telling in a statement at the time, "Yes we can confirm that Diced Onions are returning soon."

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