Sofia Vergara admits she had one major concern about intimate Griselda scenes

Sofia Vergara has revealed she was worried about one aspect of filming sex scenes for Griselda.

The actor, 51, starred in the titular role of the six-part Netflix miniseries, which is based on the real-life story of Colombian drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, who ran a cocaine cartel in 1980s Miami.

Vergara said she felt self-conscious while filming intimate scenes for the hit show because she was worried about how her body looked.

During the Netflix event A Conversation with Sofia Vergara in Los Angeles, the actor was asked whether there was ever a moment while working on Griselda when she felt out of her depth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done a sex scene,” the Modern Family actor said, adding there had never been a scene of that nature with her on-screen husband Ed O’Neill on the comedy show.

“I’m 50. When I was 30, I wouldn’t have worried,” Vergara continued. “I think I was worried that I was going to look horrific.

“I was like, ‘Where are they shooting me? The cellulite? From the side,’” she explained. “I’m vain, I guess. That one kept me awake [at night] I think.”

Sofia Vergara as Blanco in Netflix’s miniseries ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)
Sofia Vergara as Blanco in Netflix’s miniseries ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)

Despite her concerns, Vergara conceded Griselda’s sex scenes “came out good” because of how “artistic” and considerate the show’s director, Andy Baiz, had been.

“He made me feel super comfortable,” she said, adding Baiz reassured her the camera would never linger on her body for a long time.

Last week, Vergara admitted she is planning to undergo a large amount of plastic surgery once her filming commitments have lessened.

“I’m going to do every plastic surgery that I can do when I’m ready,” she told Allure.

Vergara and Wilmer Calderon in ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)
Vergara and Wilmer Calderon in ‘Griselda’ (Netflix)

“I wish I had more downtime; I would’ve done stuff already. [But] because I’m in front of the camera, it’s not like I can do something and then sit in my house recuperating for weeks.”

The Griselda star revealed she’s had Botox in her neck and around her eyes for years but said she isn’t a fan of filler because it makes people look like they’ve had “more [work] done”.

Vergara said she’s going to “take advantage” of every anti aging procedure available. “I’m going to fight it every step of the way,” she said.

“I know I don’t look the same. But I don’t think I am going to ever be the woman that has the courage to be, like, all-white hair.”