Spencer Pratt: 'I’ve been body shamed a lot'

Spencer Pratt says he's "been body shamed a lot" recently.
The 40-year-old reality TV star recently launched his new podcast '16th Minute' with wife Heidi Montag on Spotify but Spencer says proving a video element to the podcast has led to people making disparaging comments about his body.
He told The Hollywood Reporter: "Now that there’s the visual component, I’ve been body shamed a lot and Spotify’s in the comments section defending me. I’m like, 'Whoa, this is wild.' I don’t know if it’s a different audience, or maybe I didn’t eat as many nachos when I was on TV shows. But I’m like: 'Dang, OK, we’re out here body shaming me in 2023'. So that’s a newer experience that I wasn’t ready for because you think audio, but now we’re shooting everything in 4K and I think those cameras are really picking up every bite."
Heidi, 37, added: "Yeah, whenever you put yourself out there in any capacity, it’s definitely opening yourself up to criticism, so being able to compartmentalise is important too. The thing with a podcast versus reality TV is you have more ability to be yourself. I think that with a lot of reality TV shows it’s within a certain setting or within a certain group, or there’s an idea behind it, at least the ones that we’ve done. The podcast gives us the ability to just kind of be ourselves and be funny or silly or whatever we want."
However, the pair would love to return to TV.
Spencer said: "I don’t think we ever stopped wanting to be on TV. I don’t think anybody that’s on TV wants to stop being on TV if their brains work properly. We’ve got one of our biggest dream team projects in the works. Obviously, every show’s a Hail Mary, but this big-time TV exec recently said, and it stuck with me, 'All you need is one person to believe on the other end. You don’t need all of them.' So, this idea, I think this is it. It’s an idea Heidi and I’ve been saying, I can’t believe no one’s come to us for 10 years to do. And then this big heavy-hitter came with that idea. So the paperwork’s just getting signed and if it goes through it would all come together just like a vision.
"I feel like we’re living the ultimate goal. Everything’s great. We’re healthy. Our family’s doing great. We’ve got a great team that believes in our success. Obviously, more cameras. Right now, the cameras stay at Spotify, I’d like them to leave with us."