Can you spot what’s wrong with this dangerous travel snap?

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The sight of Luiz Fernando Candeia dangling his fiancée Marcelle Rangel da Cunha over a cliff is enough to make anyone’s stomach drop.

But despite her precarious position, Marcelle can’t wipe the grin off her face – so what gives?

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In the latest viral picture doing the rounds, Luiz and Marcelle’s daredevil stunt has the world fixated – especially when it comes to the sinister drop she’s happily hovering over.

No chance you'd see us posing like this! Photo: Caters

But it turns out everything is not what it seems.

Despite looking like she’s floating in mid-air with Luiz barely exerting any effort to hold her up, the 21-year-old student’s mid-air adventures are actually a lot safer than what they appear.

It sure looks like a long drop to the bottom... Photo: Caters

The couple are the latest travellers to snap themselves at notorious Brazilian hot spot the Pedra del Telegrafo.

While it appears that a rock juts out over a dangerous 350 metre drop, there’s actually another plateau beneath it protecting photo-takers from taking the plunge should they fall.

Now you know his secret, this looks easy peasy. Photo: Caters

"My fiancé thinks a lot like me and loves adventure and adrenaline. She really wanted to try it,” explains Luiz.

"I've done it before, but you need to practice a lot to make it work.

“You achieve the picture through a specific camera angle that creates an optical illusion.

"When you position the camera at the correct angle the rock looks like an abyss."

- Additional reporting by Caters News.

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