Starbucks customer reveals comical result of her request for half sandwich

Starbucks customer reveals comical result of her request for half sandwich

An amused Starbucks customer has exposed the uniquely cut sandwich they got at the coffee chain.

Thinking she could split the lunch item with her husband, one Redditor asked to have her turkey pesto cut in half – but didn’t expect the outcome she received. On 6 November, Vivian Hargis (u/natasbby) took to the online network to reveal the unforeseen lengthy, half-cut Starbucks sandwich.

In the image shared on the platform, Vivian’s sandwich was settled on top of the Starbucks branded bag. The turkey, provolone, and pesto offering was served on a long ciabatta roll. However, rather than being split in two horizontally, the Starbucks attendant had cut the bread vertically, resulting in two ultra thin halves.

“Hubby and I wanted to split a sandwich. I asked if it was possible if they could cut it in half. The barista said ‘of course no problem!’... guess I should’ve been more specific,” Vivian’s caption read.

Flocks of humoured Reddit users headed straight to Vivian’s comment section, admitting they’d been guilty of cutting sandwiches the uncommon way too.

One user said: “One time someone asked for a spinach feta wrap cut in half and my coworker cut it like this and then forgot to give her the other half.”

“I love this because it was so much harder for them to cut it like this,” another Redditor wrote.

“It’s giving malicious compliance lmfaooooo,” someone else quipped.

A curious viewer questioned whether Vivian had asked for her food to be “cut in half” or “cut in two,” noticing the direction printed on the Starbucks ticket which read: “Cut in two.”

“We actually got two sandwiches, both cut in half. (He couldn’t decide which he wanted so we split both) and I asked for them to be cut in half. The other one was cut in half like I expected,” Vivian said. “I expect whoever was on food was irritated the barista on (drive thru) told me they would cut them.”

“Not going to lie I’ve done this before,” a fellow service worker admitted to which Vivian replied: “We got a good chuckle out of it. Watching him shove half of it down it one bite was quite the picture.”

Speaking to Today, Vivian further expressed her amusement, noting how her parents convinced her to post the picture on Reddit. “It was hilarious, we both had a good laugh about it, and my parents thought it was hilarious, too,” Vivian told the outlet.

“They were like: ‘Put that on Reddit!’ That’s when I put it on,” she added, referring to her parents’ pleas.

The Independent has contacted Vivian and Starbucks for comment.

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