Starbucks Is Releasing Red Velvet Holiday Drinks But They're Hard To Find

Starbucks fans in the U.S. have once again found themselves feeling a wave of emotions. More delicious-looking but unattainable drinks have appeared on the menu of an international Starbucks.

According to the Instagram account @Snacklator, Starbucks Costa Rica has unveiled its Red Velvet Collection, just in time for the holidays. The trio of festive drinks includes the Red Velvet Frappuccino, Red Velvet Latte, and Red Velvet Iced Latte.

A number of commenters got a bit too excited upon seeing the red velvet drinks, nearly missing the part about them only being available in Costa Rica.

"I got happy for no reasonnnnn," said one deflated Instagram user.

Others are still pleading with Starbucks to give in and bring its popular international drinks to the states.

"I love all things red velvet!! Would be the perfect addition to the U.S. holiday menu. Come on Starbucks!!!" read one comment.

"Please release red velvet in the US," another declared.

There was similar outcry just a few weeks ago when Starbucks Japan announced its new Strawberry Merry Cream frappuccino. The holiday season beverage is made using sweet and sour strawberry syrups and a vanilla base.

Even our neighbors across the pond have expressed their frustration with being left out of certain Starbucks releases. "They need to do this in the United Kingdom where I live and even everywhere as red velvet is the loved flavour," a commenter said said.

Will Starbucks ever hear our cries? Only time will tell.

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