Stephanie Hsu Says Michelle Yeoh "Taught" Her "What It Means to Have Fans"

Two humble queens.

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Coming off the massive success of Everything Everywhere All at Once (the film scored seven Oscar wins earlier this year) and her summer flick Joy Ride, Stephanie Hsu has entered another level of stardom. And, with that fame comes fans. While her initial instinct was to "shy away from it" someone told her to embrace her new supporters. That someone? Her EEAAO co-star, Michelle Yeoh.

"She taught me what it means to have fans," Hsu tells InStyle during Kate Spade New York's Spring 2024 presentation. "And I think I really started to learn this past year [to give] your fans some love while you’re there and not to shy away from it but actually open your arms to it."

It's not the only area in which she looks up to Yeoh. Hsu says that the Oscar-winner exudes a "grace" on the red carpet that she also really admires. "I think she just holds herself with so much grace that I feel like I learn so much from her ease and how she floats," she explains.

If you asked anyone else, Hsu's Oscar run this past year was nothing short of fabulous, but the actress jokes about her stint on the red carpet and her slight wardrobe malfunction in her pink Valentino ballgown.

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"My favorite red carpet moment was the Oscars [and] tripping on my dress and then my best friend and my publicist having to go under my dress to help me get untangled," she laughs. "Of course, photographers [took] a photo of that but it’s kind of the best family photo that we have."

She adds that her style has certainly changed over the last couple years, especially when it comes to carpets and events (on Friday, Hsu wore a multi-colored plaid two-piece tank-and-pants set from Kate Spade, of course). While she admittedly loves a good pair of ripped jeans, she also enjoys getting to "play" with fashion.

"My approach to red carpet fashion has changed quite a bit. In my daily life, I’m really about comfort, getting messy, you know, holes in your jeans — and not because you’re stylish but because you’ve been biking everyday for three years in the same pair of pants," she says. "What I love about the red carpet and what I really evolved into is letting it be a place of play, stretch, and imagination and surprising people and also doing things outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Because it is fun. Fashion is art! I love getting to play dress-up."

Kate Spade's event took place on Friday at the Chelsea Passage along the High Line with a star-studded guest list that included Hsu, Christina Ricci, Justine Skye, Aoki Lee Simmons, and more. The spring 2024 collection (designed by SVPs and Heads of Design of RTW and Lifestyle and Leather Goods and Accessories, Tom Mora and Jennifer Lyu) featured green color ways and highlighter yellow hues, as well as stripes, tartan patterns, and plenty of sequins.

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