Stephen Colbert Defends Jimmy Kimmel From Donald Trump’s Attacks: “Keep My Friend’s Name Out Of Your Weird Little Wet Mouth”

Stephen Colbert is standing up to Donald Trump and defending Jimmy Kimmel after the former POTUS attacked this year’s Oscars host.

Colbert addressed Trump’s latest tirade against Kimmel on The Late Show, calling out his obsession with the Academy Awards.

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“You keep my friend Jimmy Kimmel’s name out of your weird little wet mouth, OK?” Colbert said sternly. “I’m mad. Jimmy Kimmel is my podcast brother from Strike Force Five. And I have vowed to defend him until my death or until the next ad for Mint Mobile.”

Colbert continued, “And for the record, sir, Jimmy did an incredible job as host. Oscar viewership was up 4%. That’s right. This year, four more people watched.”

The CBS late-night show host called out Trump for posting on Truth Social while he faces trial “to stay laser-focused on the issues that voters care most about.”

“That’s right, in the middle of a presidential campaign and countless federal indictments, he’s obsessed with the Academy Awards from five weeks ago,” Colbert said.

Trump took to Truth Social to say Kimmel “still hasn’t recovered from his horrendous performance and big ratings drop as host of the Academy Awards.” The twice-impeached former president also said Kimmel “suffered from TDS, commonly known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Trump also confused Kimmel for a moment Al Pacino went viral for the anti-climatic announcement of the winner for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Earlier in the day, Kimmel shot back at Trump and said, “In fairness to our former President, many stable geniuses confuse me with Al Pacino.”

Watch Colbert defending Kimmel in the video below.

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