Stephen Fry believes ageing has made him 'better looking'

Stephen Fry "rather likes" getting older because he believes ageing has made him "better looking".
The 66-year-old TV presenter/actor has confessed he has "settled into" his mid-60s and they suit him "pretty well" because he's convinced he's now in his prime despite all the "leaks and creaks" that come with his advancing years.
In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, he explained: "Do you know what? I rather like it [ageing}. Yes, there are leaks. Leaks and creaks. And, of course, being a baby boomer ... you start getting advertisements for people completely mysteriously making tomato sandwiches in conservatories talking to the camera about their insurance and funeral plans, stepping out of baths, lifting themselves out of electric armchairs, mobility scooters and incontinence pads. There are more adverts for us now than there are for children."
He added of his improving looks: "I was never cute, I’ve got better looking as I’ve got older. Not that I’m good looking, but it suits me better than youth did when I was a bit awkward, gawky and looked older than my age.
"So that was confusing and weird. Now I’ve sort of settled into my mid-60s and they seem to suit me pretty well."
It comes after the screen star admitted he doesn't want to live past 100 because he would "hate to be that lonely".
Fry - who married partner Elliott Spencer, 36, in 2015 - insisted it would be "deeply upsetting" to live in a world without his loved ones.
Speaking to comedian David Walliams on the 'Brave New World' podcast, Fry explained: "Personally, I'm not particularly interested in longevity for myself. "I'm interested, as I think most people are, in the idea of an old age that is as pain-free as possible and where there isn't too much cognitive loss ...
"If everybody – my family and friends – lived into their 120s, then maybe I'd be quite happy to pass 100.
"But as it is, I would hate to be that lonely Flying Dutchman figure so beloved of history ... The survivor, all of whose dependents and acquaintances have since died. I would find that deeply upsetting."