Steve Coogan admits there's now 'complete overlap' with him and Alan Partridge

The actor said he is starting to become his comedy character in real life

Co-writer and actor Steve Coogan arrives at the Premiere of
Steve Coogan said he's starting to become Alan Partridge. (AFP via Getty Images)

Steve Coogan has admitted he has started to become his comedy character Alan Partridge in real life.

The actor and comedian has been playing the awkward media personality for over 30 years. And he confessed that his real self and inept Alan are starting to blend into one person.

Opening up on The One Show, Coogan said he expected to have completely morphed into the character by next year.

He opened up as the BBC show's host Alex Jones quizzed him about the hilarious character, asking: "How much of Alan is in Steve?"

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 2024: In this image released on March 15,2024, Steve Coogan, as Alan Partridge  and Tim Key  as his sidekick Simon during the Alan Partridge sketch to be shown during the Red Nose Day 2024 live TV show filmed on 4th March 2024 in London.  Which is your favorite live TV charity show? Tough one, I think Id have to say THE BEST OF Comic Relief. A-HA! We tune in with North Norfolk's most prolific radio host, Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan), for his highly anticipated Comic Relief Special. Alan will be riding the regional airwaves all the way from his studio and updating our hosts across the night with his fundraising efforts and listener phone ins. BACK OF THE NET! (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Comic Relief)
Steve Coogan has played Alan Partridge since the late 90s. (Jordan Mansfield/Comic Relief)

"As I have grown older Alan and I have become closer and closer and closer in who we are, so I think there is almost a complete overlap in the Venn diagram," he admitted. "By about this time next year I will have completely become Alan."

Coogan also told how he recently went to shoot scenes as Alan, and discovered that the top he was meant to wear was the same as the one of his own he had on.

"The other day on set, because we are halfway through filming the new BBC series, I showed up on set in my shirt," he said, as a picture of the star in the navy and white shirt flashed up on screen. "And my shirt that they had for me to put on as Alan was the same shirt.

"And I thought, I really have, that's it! I think I took mine off and put the other one on, even though they were identical, just for psychological reasons."

Steve Coogan wore the same shirt as his comedy character. (BBC screengrab)
Steve Coogan wore the same shirt as his comedy character. (BBC screengrab)

"I am just becoming Alan Partridge," added the star.

He went on: "When we are writing with the other writers, I try to say stuff as Alan that's funny and then I just say stuff as myself and they just write that down as well!"

Coogan also discussed the latest Alan Partridge book, Big Beacon. He said: "For those who follow him closely, and there are a few diehard, strange people out there who do, he was fired from the BBC, in the fiction. I have not been fired by the BBC - yet!

The star said he'd be Alan by next year. (BBC screengrab)
The star said he'd be Alan by next year. (BBC screengrab)

"He has to go and find a project and sort of reinvent himself and he happens upon the idea of renovating a lighthouse."